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Fee Comparison

The TicketHost fee structure consists of 2 elements and is transparent and fair for both Ticket Buyers and Event Organisers.

  1. Host Fee - Our fee for providing the TicketHost service. (1% + $0.60 per ticket)
  2. Booking Fee - Covers the bank fees and costs that TicketHost incurs in processing online payments.
    The Booking Fee for credit card payments is 0.8%
    As there is minimal or no cost to TicketHost on orders paid via EFT, PayPal or an offline payment, there is no Booking Fee charged by TicketHost for those payment methods. 2

In contrast, Eventbrite charge the same, higher fee for all payment methods that they offer.

Case Study

  • School drama performance
  • Theatre with allocated seating
  • Adult ticket price $30.00

The table below shows the comparitive total fee structures for different payment methods along with the total fees for a sample order consisting of 2 x Adult tickets.

Payment Method TicketHost Fee $ Eventbrite 1 Fee $
Credit Card 1.8% + $0.60 / ticket $2.28 5.0% + $0.99 / ticket $4.98
PayPal 1.0% + $0.60 / ticket 2 $1.80 5.0% + $0.99 / ticket 2 $4.98
EFT 1.0% + $0.60 / ticket $1.80 Not Available -
Offline Payment
(Cash, cheque, etc.)
1.0% + $0.60 / ticket $1.80 5.0% + $0.99 / ticket $4.98

1. Based on the Professional Package published on the Eventbrite website as at 18 Feb 2021 (does not include GST).

2. Does not include fees levied by PayPal (PayPal Fee Schedule)


What's the Bottom Line?

If your total event sales were 100 of the above order (2 x Adult tickets), then choosing Eventbrite would cost $270 more in fees than TicketHost..... to sell exactly the same number of tickets!


Ticket Purchase Total Orders Payment Method TicketHost
Total Fees
Total Fees
2 x Adult ($30) 100 100% Credit Card $228 $498
Same sales, lower fees.
Celebrate low fees

Why TicketHost?

  TicketHost Eventbrite
Low Fees
EFT payment option
Advertised fees include GST
Reduced fee for offline payments

Fee Calculator

Our Fee Calculator can help you estimate the ticket revenue and fees applicable to your event.

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